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Living and growing design materia
Man body and soul; 
in the same way an object and an image 
go beyond their appearance.
 Design combines different potentialities of the project
turning it into a living and growing materia. Mama designlab is a design and communication laboratory that develops integrated projects of product-design, graphic-design, visual and web communication since 1996. We promote a new product culture based on the communication process of design key values in all the areas where it interacts with human beings. Our work is focused on human beings, based on multidisciplinary research and designed to integrate seamlessly with customers’ businesses. This approach enables us to elaborate a global vision of the product and develop articulated interventions during every phase of the product creation process.Mama designlab is an ideas laboratory aiming at the integration of all aspects of product design and communication.

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 Aerosekur – Arnette – Arval PHH – Bastard – Bear – Briko – Bob Krieger – Capgemini – Ceva Tecnologies – Crivelli Gioielli – Crookers – Dipartimento della difesa – Dirkbikkembergs – Eissmann – Ferrero – Gabetti Agency – HB Hot Buttered – Hermann – Kurtz – Lacoste – Mixmilano – Monica Rindi – Nintendo – North Sails – Opinion Ciatti – Pirelli Re – Regione Lombardia – RRD Roberto Ricci Design – Samsung – Saturnino – Sole Luna – Sony – Swatch – Tony&Guy Italia – Toyota – Waimea Classic – Wirlpool – Jovanotti
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Alessandro Canepa was born in Milan in 1973.
He enrolld at the Milan Polytechnic’s Faculty of design, becoming prof. Andries Van Onck’s assistant in 2001. A professional designer since 2002, always seeking new stimuli, he soon started to work for technical and design companies, where he acquired his engineering know-how and developed his own brand of “aesthetic thought”. His professional experience includes work on coordinated images, packaging, web design and trade fair stands. Over the years he has designed and collaborated with such companies as Accessmedia, Bull italia, Design Italia, bpb, Shering, Gewiss, Telecom, Lg telefonica, Aethra,Cosatto, Siemens, Eutron, MZ electronic, Telsey, Coes, BFT, Socomec-sicon, Monari Federazioni, Aros, Riello, Waycall, Toshiba, Caleido and many others.

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mamadesignlab presents FONTABLE “alphanumeric furniture”

A new concept in modular elements by designers Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli brings a revolution to the world of furnishing accessories, building upon a graphic matrix to turn it into an item for interior design.
FONTABLE are alphanumeric elements reproducing letters from A to Z in lower and upper case and numbers from 0 to 9 which become modular tables. Each element acquires three dimensions and personality and can be played around with, to customize ever changing and dynamic shapes.
Tables are made in steel sheet with lacquered varnishing in white, black and red, with legs in anodized aluminum of adjustable height allowing to overlap table surfaces. Special finishing and further color variations are available on demand.
Graphic signs become the protagonist of a new language: a visual and conceptual code compositing and recomposing alphanumeric symbols through the interplay of surfaces and messages written in endless combinations. The creative and expressive potential is boundless. The product is versatile and eclectic, shaping environments in ever evolving and surprising ways.

mamadesignlab presenta FONTABLE “alphanumeric furniture”

Un nuovo concept di elementi componibili disegnati da Alessandro Canepa e Andrea Paulicelli rivoluzionano il mondo dei complementi d’arredo attingendo da una matrice grafica per trasformarla in oggetto di interior.
FONTABLE sono elementi alfanumerici che riproducono le lettere dell’alfabeto maiuscole e minuscole dalla A alla Z ed i numeri da 0 a 9 e li trasformano in tavoli assemblabili che acquistano tridimensionalità e si compongono in modo ludico e personalizzato in forme sempre nuove e dinamiche.
I tavoli sono realizzati in lamiera di ferro con verniciatura laccata nei colori bianco nero e rosso, con gambe in alluminio anodizzato regolabili a due altezze che consentono di sovrapporre le superfici. Finiture speciali e altre varianti colore sono disponibili su ordinazione.
Il segno grafico diventa protagonista di un nuovo linguaggio: un codice visivo e concettuale che compone e ricompone il simbolo alfanumerico in un gioco di superfici, di scritte realizzabili in una molteplicità di combinazioni. Il potenziale creativo ed espressivo è infinito: il prodotto dalla personalità duttile ed eclettica disegna lo spazio con forme sempre nuove e sorprendenti.